Manage SMS just like Emails!

SMSbox is an application that when integrated with Oulook Express allows users to:

  • Send and receive SMS from outlook
  • Edit SMS and save SMS draft using outlook
  • Look up and resolve phone numbers to existing outlook contacts
  • Maintain different SMS folder to organize SMS
  • Use Speller and proofing tools
  • Cut and paste text from other applications
  • Reply, forward, move messages to a folder just like emails
  • Enable SMS alerts for calendar reminders, receipt of important emails, etc.
For easy SMS composing, add SMSbox in Outlook toolbar

SMS Composer

Unified inbox for Email and SMS

Switch Agnostic Call Logging Solution

Confluence “Call Capture” is a switch agnostic comprehensive call recording platform that can be integrated with any open standards IP-PBX without having to worry about the specific API associated with the corresponding PBX. This is made possible due to our patent pending NTMA (Native Trunk Mode Architecture) technology. Download white paper on NTMA.

Call capture supports multiple interfaces like E1/T1, Analog and IP/SIP/H.323 and SS7/SIGTRAN (using a Media Gateway).

Call Capture (LyncRecord) for MS Lync

Call Capture (TxRecord): For Vega Media Gateways & Broadsoft switch

Call Capture (TxRecord) for recording PC across retail outlets:

Other Supported PBX:
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Asterisk
  • Free Switch
  • Aastra

Our development team has the domain expertise to develop customized mobile applications specific to Telecom service providers.

  • A Customer Care application developed for Mobile Customer Care Agents
  • Hybrid Apps that can be ported to any OS (Android, IOS, BB, Windows Mobile) easily.
  • Application dashboard
  • User customizable add remove shortcuts to various functions
  • Run advertisements within the App and banners at bottom
  • App for cable TV operators
  • Activate and Deactivate channels, channel packs, Day passes, promotions, etc
  • See “ What’s ON Now”
  • Music Player and playlist manager
  • Download music to the users Mobile Ring Back Tone (RBT) platform
  • App for multiple sports information
  • Live Score cards
  • Team Statistics
  • Audio - Video Content

Send Bulk SMS from your Excel Sheet!

SMSbox for Excel allows users to:
  • Register with SMSbox service
  • Buy SMSbox credits
  • Push SMS to selected number lists

*Plugin supports Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010

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Improve customer experience through front-end agent Monitoring

Quality Management Software is an important module in any Customer care, Contact center or a BPO set up. The main purpose of QMS is to monitor the agents by recording the calls in order to evaluate their performance during the call and provide appropriate training to improve the customer experience.

Incidentally, the front-end customer care agents like those in Banks (Tellers), Telecom Service provider’s retail outlets, Airline ticket counters, etc. are not subjected to quality monitoring procedures that is an integral part of customer care agents answering phone calls. This is ironical since front-end agents need to be better trained since they are facing the customers and can influence the customer perception about the company.

Apparently, the reason for companies not opting for QMS for its front-end agents is the lack of proven solutions in the market. The leading PBX vendors are not providing this solution since it doesn’t compliment their core business.

Confluence “ QMS for Tellers” is a recording solution specifically designed to address the Quality Management requirements for front-end customer service agents.

The Teller QMS seamlessly integrates with the existing Queuing system and supports a centralized architecture to manage the recordings. A client application installed on each agent PC records the Mic inputs and transfers the recordings to the centralized server. The supervisors using an online evaluation system can evaluate the recorded voice files and appropriate training can be recommended to the agents based on their ratings.