Technology is primarily driven by innovation that enhances its utility. On the other hand, the success of its proliferation in the real world depends on key factors such as Performance, Reliability, Efficiency, Scalability and Economy (PRESE)

The business model of Confluencetech is to adopt technology products & solutions which conform to the above PRESE attributes and do whatever it takes to drive its proliferation across industry sectors and geographies while constantly helping in its evolution based on market intelligence, innovative ideas & customer feedback.

We believe that in today’s complex, highly competitive and an impatient world, products need to be not just PRESE ready but also adaptable, responsive, intuitive & intelligent. Most importantly, the people driving the product should be accessible & supportive to customer expectations.

The Confluence of Innovative Ideas, reliable Technology, the right People and relevant Markets is what we intend to perfect to make a difference and grow as a company.